Autumn in My Heart : Korean Drama : English Subtitle


The videos are no longer available. We will update the them as soon as they become available again. In the mean time, please try the following videos that are starred by the main cast:

Make it Big, Summer Scent: Song Seung Hun             
Full House:  Song Hye Kyo

Autumn in My Heart Korean Drama, English Subtitle


Song Seung Hun as Yun Jun Suh
Song Hye Kyo as Yun/Choi Eun Suh
Won Bin as Han Tae Seok
Han Chae Young as Choi/Yun Shin Ae
Han Na Na as Shin Yu Mi


A story about two girls switched at birth. One was raised in a wealthy home and the other was raised in poverty. Eun Suh (Song Hye Gyo) lived a plentiful life until one day she had an accident when she was 14 years old and was hospitalized. This is when her life changed forever and she learned the truth that the family she had always known was not hers. Saddened by the truth, the reality was that each girl be returned to her rightful birth parent. Eun Suh dearly misses the family that had raised her. She has to depart the mom, dad, and brother whom had loved her very much. Years later she meets the brother that she grew up with. They make a conscious decision that since they are not related by blood, they can date each other. Are they mistaking their longing for one another as passionate love or sibling love? Will their family accept their blossoming relationship? Autumn Tale, Autumn Story, Autumn in my Heart will challenge your views about love. Can love exist between two people when the world around them says it's wrong?

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