Madam Jeongs One Last Week: Korean Drama


Madam Jeongs One Last Week  정마담의 마지막 일주일  Korean Drama with English subtitle

Original release:    10/04/2017
Also known as:    
Genre:    null
Directors:    Kang Min-kyung
Writers:   Kim Se-rang
Broadcast Network:    KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) of South Korean
Madam Jeong was working at a hostess bar in Busan. Somehow, she manages to run away with the thug, Ttaengbari's money bag. She hides in a small semi-basement room in Seoul, without going out for 7 years, waiting for the statute of limitations to end. But just a week before the expiration date, she encounters Eunmi, a girl living next door. Her identity is in danger of being exposed. To add, Ttaengbari gets released on parole and chases after Madam Jeong. The urgent and tense week of Madam Jeong, who is trying to lead a new life, begins.(KBS)
Episode 1
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