Forever love: Chinese Movie


Forever love  北京时间  Chinese Movie with English subtitle

Original release:    12/11/2015
Also known as:    
Genre:    comedy, drama
Directors:   Zhanjun An
Production Company:      of China
Media Distributor: CCTV6
A love story through the story-telling of a grandfather who tells his grand daughter of how he fell in love with the grandmother. The grandfather was a screen-writer and the grandmother was a fan who turned into an extra who then turned into an actress. The grandfather as a screen-writer was unknown to the audience who only knew the actors. The grandmother was unknown to anyone except the grandfather when he had an encounter with her sneaking into a sold-out movie theatre that was playing his movie. The two unknowns worked hard to become somebody only to be cheated out of a period of love due to a scam unknown to them. In their old age, the grandmother has Alzheimer and the grandfather wants to bring back the magic of love they once had.

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