Dr. Qian Xuesen: Chinese Movie


Dr. Qian Xuesen  钱学森  Chinese Movie with English subtitle

Original release:    02/29/2012
Also known as:    
Genre:    drama
Directors:   Zhang Jianya
Writers:   Chen Hwaiguo, Tao Chun, Swen Yian
Production Company:    Western Movie Group Co., LTD  of China
Media Distributor: CCTV6
Qian Xuesen was born in 1911 in China. He earned a mechanical engineering degree in 1934 in Shanghai. At the age of 23 he went to the United States on a scholarship to study aeronautical engineering at M.I.T. Later, at Caltech's Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory, worked for the Science Advisory Board and played the lead role in research that developed the first American solid-fuel rocket to be successfully launched. In 1955, Mr. Qian was sent back to China, where he was proclaimed a hero and immediately put to work developing Chinese rocketry. By many accounts, he later became a committed Communist and served on the party's ruling body, the Central Committee. Under his leadership, China developed its first generation of Long March missiles and, in 1970, launched its first satellite. Most of China's recent space achievements, like its manned space program, began long after Mr. Qian's retirement.

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