Couple or Trouble: Korean Drama


Couple or Trouble  환상의 커플  Korean Drama with Spanish subtitle

Original release:    10/14/2006
Also known as:     Fantasy Couple, Couple of Fantasy, Fantastic Couple
Genre:    comedy, romance
Directors:   Kim Sang-ho
Writers:   Hong Jung-eun,Hong Mi-ran
Broadcast Network:    MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) of South Korean
Amnesia becomes the culprit behind a drama of labor extortion under the pretext of love!!Two people as different as night and day, who would never even cross paths under normal circumstances, come together in an outrageous situation and are eventually reborn as a fantastic couple.And the catalyst that brings about the entanglement of this unlikely couple? That most common of all common excuses: amnesia.Three out of every ten protagonists in TV drama shows suffer amnesia, and the heroine of Couple in Trouble is no exception.In this situation, the dashing hero ought naturally to rise to the occasion by taking her in and sheltering her from harm, but...Sorry, not this time.A clichd situation gets a thoroughly new makeover through the use of unique characters.A drama of labor extortion with the heroines memory as hostage.The singular storyline puts a twist on a hackneyed subject, providing fresh and provocative entertainment.
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