Moonshine and Valentine: Chinese Drama


Moonshine and Valentine  结爱·千岁大人的初恋  Chinese Drama with English subtitle

Original release:    05/09/2018
Also known as:     The Love Knot, His Excellency's First Love
Genre:    fantasy, romance
Directors:   Leste Chen,Hsu Chao-jen
Writers:   Freddie Shen
Broadcast Network:    Tencent (Tencent Video) of China
Media Distributor: YOYO
Guan Pipi (Victoria Song)'s life was normal and peaceful until she meets a man called Helan Jingting (Huang Jingyu); and then her life went through an inexpiable change. Different from normal people, Helan cannot see during the day; but has extraordinary vision at night. Meeting with the mysterious Helan was actually a plot - Helan's bagua is purely Yang; while Pipi's is purely Yin. If Helan eats Pipi's liver when she fell in love with him, he will be able to complete his cultivation and become a true heavenly fox. However, when Pipi faces betrayal from love and friendship, that's when their real story starts.(wikipedia)
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