Bread, Love and Dreams: Korean Drama


Bread, Love and Dreams  제빵왕 김탁구  Korean Drama with English subtitle

Original release:    09/06/2010
Also known as:     King of Baking, Kim Tak-goo,The Baker King
Genre:    drama, romance
Directors:   Lee Jung-sub
Writers:   Kang Eun-kyung
Broadcast Network:    KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) of South Korean
Kim Takgu is the eldest son of Gu Il Jong, the chairman of Geosung Foods Enterprise, and Kim Misun, his mistress. The Chairman's wife, Insok, is furious with her husband and shuns Takgu. When his mother is kidnapped, Takgu runs away from home and spends the next 12 years looking for her. In his journey, he enters a baking school owned by Pal Bong who is a legend in the baking industry. Coincidentally, he was also Takgu's father's teacher. In said school, Takgu also finds Jo Jingu, the man who kidnapped his mother. Jo Jingu tells Takgu that she accidentally fell off a cliff. Takgu decides to stay at the bakery and learn the art of making bread, like his father did before him. Majun, Takgu's half-brother, is also at the school, hoping to learn about baking to win his father's approval and take over the family business. He lives under an assumed name and never reveals his true identity. Majun still nurses a hatred for Takgu from their childhood. It is later revealed that Takgu's mom is not dead and that she is looking for him. The Chairman, who also spent the past 14 years looking for Takgu, eventually finds out that he is at the bakery and is furious at Majun for not telling him. The Chairman wants Takgu, his eldest son, to take over the family business instead of Majun. Rejected, Majun plots to steal Takgu's childhood friend, Shin Yukyeong, and embarrass his family in the process. Takgu eventually finds his mother, but Insok and her lover( the Chairman's assistant), Han, plot to rob Takgu of his inheritance to let Majun take the Chairman's position. When the Chairman finds out, Han attempts to murder Takgu, but Takgu is saved by Jo Jingu. Meanwhile, Majun's plan to embarrass his family works, but it doesn't give him the satisfaction he expects. He reaches a truce with Takgu and the two agree to let their older sister, Gu Jakyung, run the company. The show ends with Takgu continuing to work at the bakery with his girlfriend, Yang Misun, while Majun decides to travel around the world with his new bride, Shin Yukyeong. Manager Han is imprisoned and the Chairman is happy that at last, his loved ones found happiness. (wikipedia)
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Anonymous said...

My all-time favourite korean drama. Thanks for bring it back.

tiger said...

Kim Takgu was the best part of this show. Love how his strength grew in every episode. I'm hooked on this Korean drama ^_^

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