Big Man: Korean Drama


Big Man  빅맨  Korean Drama with English, Indonesia, Malaysia, vietnam, Chinese subtitles

Original release:    04/28/2014
Also known as:    
Genre:    drama
Directors:   Ji Young-soo
Writers:   Choi Jin-won
Broadcast Network:    KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) of South Korean
The drama Big Man is about a man named Kim Ji-hyuk grew up a penniless orphan and lived a "third-rate life" before deciding to turn himself around and work himself to the bone, with humble dreams of owning his own restaurant. He gets entangled in a plan to save the life of Kang Dong-seok, a chaebol heir who needs a heart transplant, and is told that he is Dong-seok's older brother and begins a lavish new life in that world... and then later learns that it was all a lie. Disgusted with the corruption of his chaebol "family" and spurred on by hatred of the world's unfair realities, Ji-hyuk embarks on a reckless revenge mission in order to protect himself and those he loves.(wikipedia)
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tiger said...

I like the actress Jung So-min ... I only watch because she is in the drama...
this was nice korean drama and it is so interesting.. i love it..

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