Sweet Combat : Chinese Drama


Sweet Combat   甜蜜暴击  Chinese Drama with English subtitle

Original release:    07/23/2018
Also known as:    
Genre:    drama, romance
Directors:   Ke Hanchen
Writers:   Ru Ping
Broadcast Network:    HUNANTV (Hunan Television Station) of China
Media Distributor: HUACE
After his parents' deaths, the boy named Mingtian had to take care of his little brother and sister by himself. He once left school and did jobs for three years. And through all this, he finally becomes a strong man. To make a living, he gives up the top university and chooses Physical Education College of Zhengze University, just for a big scholarship. Thus he becomes the first male student in this university, a co-ed school. And combat girl Fang Yu, the firstborn girl of her family, has been raised as a boy from childhood. Being mocked in her childhood, she always tries to act like a queen, and never let others to know her inner world. When the ordinary boy meets the cool girl, the story begins.
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