Sea of Ambition: Korean Drama


Sea of Ambition  내 여자  Korean Drama with English subtitle

Original release:    07/26/2008
Also known as:     My Woman
Genre:    drama
Directors:   Lee Kwan-hee
Writers:   Lee Hee-woo, Choi Seong-sil
Broadcast Network:    MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) of South Korean
The story of a man's rise from rags to riches in the face of his opponents' desire for money and lust for power. Jung Kyung Ho was expected to inherit Jeil Group, but his rightful place at the company's helm was forcibly wrested from him. He moved to the United States, spending years in despair and debauchery before he found an opportunity to recover through lobbying and stock speculations. With the help of his mother and close friends, he attempts to overcome the trials of political pressures and financial difficulties and regain control of the company.
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