Scandal in Old Seoul: Korean Drama


Scandal in Old Seoul  경성스캔들  Korean Drama with English subtitle

Original release:    06/06/2007
Also known as:     Scandal in Old Seoul, Scandal in the Capital, Kyeongseong Scandal, Modern Romance
Genre:    comedy, drama, history, romance
Directors:   Han Joon-seo
Writers:   Jin Soo-wan
Broadcast Network:    KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) of South Korean
Based on Lee Sun-mi's novel Love Story in the Capital, the story juxtaposes the heroic anti-Japanese movement with young romance by depicting the capital Seoul of the 1930s during colonial rule, called "Gyeongseong" The series portrays one of the darkest periods of Korean history with a mixture of tragedy, comedy and romance. Sunwoo Wan (Kang Ji-hwan) is one of the capital's most notorious womanizers who alleges that he can seduce any woman within 10 minutes. The handsome, fashionable and rich young man doesn't have worries about the fate of his country. He gambles with his colleagues on his ability to seduce Na Yeo-kyung (Han Ji-min) whose nickname is "Jomaja" (the last woman of the Joseon Dynasty). She is known as a woman who doesn't care about her appearance and has no interest at all in dating. She runs a small bookstore while working as a volunteer teacher for poor children. Yeo-kyung is a very determined woman and has strong faith that her country will be liberated from Japan in the near future. Dating a guy or getting married is something she'll do only after the independence of her native land. At first Wan doesn't take his bet seriously, but as events escalate in the capital, he finds himself falling in love with Yeo-kyung. She opens his eyes to the social injustices around him, which transforms him into becoming an independence movement activist himself. As Wan says, "Love is the strongest and most effective strategy for independence and revolution."(wikipedia)
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