Fighter of The Destiny: Chinese Drama


Fighter of The Destiny  择天记  Chinese Drama with English subtitle

Original release:    04/17/2017
Also known as:    
Genre:    action, fantasy, romance
Directors:   Zhong Shujia
Broadcast Network:    HUNANTV (Hunan Television Station) of China
Media Distributor: YOYO
The drama series Fighter of The Destiny tells a story of a man with an incurable illness, fated not to live past the age of 20 and fought to change the fate. In the beginning, there were 3 races; man, demons and beasts. A battle for supremacy happened between man and demons. Emperor Taizhong of Zhou passed on during this war and his wife took over as Empress. With the Astrolobe created by Zhou Dufu, she tried desperately to fight off the invading demonic army. Unfortunately, the race of man almost lost as the demon race managed to engaged the help of a Frost dragon. In order to win the battle, the Empress sacrificed her young son to the Astrolobe in order to draw the energies from the stars to fight the invading army and the dragon. The battle was won and the invading demonic army retreated back to their territory. A few years after the war, a young boy, Chen Changsheng rescued a young girl, Xu Yourong while plucking medical herbs with his elder brother (who was also adopted). She was running away from assassins with her grandfather who wanted her life. He was made aware that his blood is able to cure all poisons and illnesses. This is at the expenses of his own mortality. He saved her disregarding his own life and their fate was bonded then. Changsheng's master who adopted him, explained that he is unable to live past the age of 20 due to his blood. The only chance resides in the Imperial exam which allows him the opportunity to study in a special residency which is open to only the top student of this exam. Changsheng sets out for the capital to take the exam and thus begins the rise of a hero for Zhou Dynasty.(wikipedia)
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