To Be A Better Man: Chinese Drama


To Be A Better Man  好先生  Chinese Drama with English subtitle

Original release:    05/31/2016
Also known as:    
Genre:    drama, romance
Directors:   Zhang Xiaobo
Writers:   Li Xiao,Yu Miao,Zhang Yingji
Broadcast Network:    JIANGSUTV (Jiangsu Television ) of China
Media Distributor: CN DRAMA
Lu Yuan worked hard in America to become a Michelin 3-star chef. To many, he is the Devil incarnate, reckless and wanton. But when it comes to the person he loves, he is an entirely different "good man" who is loyal, kind, and honest. After a nightmarish car accident takes away his friend, he returns home with his remains. Now returning to China, Lu Yuan initially has three goals. First, he wants to bring the ashes of his friends, who died in the car accident, back to China and let them rest in peace. Second, he wants to return his eighteen-year-old daughter Jia He to her birth mother, before finding a remote place and committing suicide. However unexpectedly, he met the person he least wants to see and becomes entangled with both his unresolved and new relationships.
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