My Lovely Sam-Soon: Korean Drama


My Lovely Sam-Soon  내 이름은 김삼순  Korean Drama with English, Spanish, Turkish subtitles

Original release:    06/01/2005
Also known as:     My Name Is Kim Sam-soon
Genre:    comedy, drama, romance
Directors:   Kim Yoon-cheol
Writers:   Kim Do-woo
Broadcast Network:    MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) of South Korean
A 29 year-old bachelor girl, unattractive, chubby and yet who did not have any talents to be proud of. In fact, there are more. Stubborn, open-minded, full of curiosity and has the confidence to carry her life. Sam-Soon possesses a license, which is rarely possessed by a more mortal, a license in baking, issued by a famous culinary school in Paris. She previously worked hard as a part-time in order to sit for the exam to obtain the license. It was not merely a license. She met and hit off with a good-looking guy whom she did not dare to fantasize about in Korea. The guy became bored with her and dumped her. Losing a boy-friend and failing in her job interview, Sam-Soon became jobless. At the same time, Sam-Soon met up with another man became Sam-Son's employer and started to go after her. Unable to differentiate between consenting love and a contractual love, Sam-Soon bowed to the requests of the guy because she was in dire need of money. What actually happened? Will Sam-Soon be able to brave the adversities that occur one after another?
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