Moon River: Korean Drama


Moon River  돌아온 일지매  Korean Drama with English subtitle

Original release:    01/21/2009
Also known as:     The Return of Iljimae
Genre:    action, history, romance
Directors:   Hwang In-roi,Kim Soo-young
Writers:   Kim Kwang-sik
Broadcast Network:    MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) of South Korean
Iljimae (Jung Il-woo) was born out of wedlock and his father was a high-ranking noble official while his mother was a lowly servant. To protect the honor of his father's family, he was abandoned as a baby and tucked underneath an apricot tree. Thus he was given the name Iljimae ("branch of plum tree"). Iljimae was adopted by a family who lived in the Qing Kingdom. After tracing his roots back to Korea, his father rejects him once more. With a heavy heart, he returns to his native land and unleashes his anger upon the ruling class to fight injustice and tyranny for the sake of the commoners. Wherever he appears to uphold justice, he leaves behind a single branch of a plum tree. Living an isolated existence and hiding his face behind a mask to be a hero to the people, in Iljimae's life there is one woman who reconnects him to the world: Wol-hee.
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