LUCIFER: Korean Drama


LUCIFER  마왕  Korean Drama with English subtitle

Original release:    03/21/2007
Also known as:     Mawang, The Lucifer, Satan, The Devil
Genre:    drama, mystery, romance
Directors:   Park Chan-hong
Writers:   Kim Ji-woo
Broadcast Network:    KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) of South Korean
LUCIFER is about a love triangle occurred between the two men and girl where a gift of psychometry and a tragic event during their childhood entwined their fates. A string of murders brings together a conflicted detective, a psychic librarian, and a mysterious lawyer with dubious motives. Detective Kang Oh-soo (Uhm Tae-woong) is assigned to two seemingly unrelated murder cases, where the only clues left behind are tarot cards, with the first card meaning "judgment." This leads him to Seo Hae-in (Shin Min-a), a quiet librarian who has the uncanny ability to make a psychic connection to an object to discover its history. She reveals to him that the victims were connected to the death of a high school boy years ago. The one common link between the suspects is their defense attorney, Oh Seung-ha (Ju Ji-hoon), a young lawyer who is seemingly kind and altruistic. Hae-in and Seung-ha later fall in love, though Oh-soo also has feelings for her. As the culprit continues to leave clues, more lives are ruined and the body count rises. Oh-soo races to uncover the truth, but he is also haunted by the sins of his past which he has been trying to atone for. An incident in his youth 12 years ago has snowballed into a larger tragedy, and the two men involved are destined to face each other again, unsure who is good and who is evil.
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