Coffee Prince: Korean Drama

Coffee Prince  커피프린스 1호점  Korean Drama with Spanish, French, Romanian, Turkish subtitles

Original release:    07/02/2007
Also known as:     The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince
Genre:    comedy, drama, romance
Directors:  &nbspLee Yoon-jung
Writers:   Lee Jung-ah, Jang Hyun-joo
A production of MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) of South Korean
Choi Han-kyul is the heir of a major food company. Despite his family's constant attempts to set him up on arranged dates, he has no intention of settling down. Go Eun-chan is a tomboy who is often mistaken for a guy. She has the burden of being the breadwinner for her family after her father's death. The two meet one day and Han-kyul, mistakening Eun-chan for a man, hires her to pose as his gay lover in hopes to stop his family's intervention on his personal life. Desperate for money, Eun-chan accepts this plan and allows Han-kyul to continue to believe that she's a man in order to get a job at Han-kyul's new cafe. As the two work closely together, Han-kyul realizes that he's beginning to fall in love with Eun-chan. Still beliving her to be a man, he begins to question his own sexuality.
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