90 Days Time to Love: Korean Drama


90 Days Time to Love  90일 사랑할 시간  Korean Drama with English subtitle

Original release:    01/04/2010
Also known as:     90 Days of Love, 90 Days of Falling in Love, 90 Days of Romance
Genre:    drama, romance
Directors:   Oh Jong-rok
Writers:   Park Hae-young
Broadcast Network:    MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) of South Korean
Hyun Ji-Seok and Go Mi-Yeon are high school sweethearts who discover that they are cousins. Forbidden to marry, they break up only to meet in Seoul four years later. Unable to deny their feelings for each other, they agree to abandon their lives and leave to the United States. Ji-Seok's father commits suicide in order to prevent the two from leaving and Ji-Seok breaks up with Mi-Yeon due to the guilt he feels over his father's death. The two go their separate ways in life and marry other people. Ji-Seok suffers through a loveless marriage for almost a decade before learning that he has a terminal illness with only 90 days to live. With his time running out, Ji-Seok searches out Mi-Yeon so they can spend the last days of his life together.
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