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Who Are You?  Korean Movie



Vho are you movie is Korea's version of You've Got Mail, a surprisingly winning romance that manages to be as charming as it is predictable. Cho Seung-Woo is Hyung-Tae, a co-founder of "Who Are You?", an online role-playing game, which functions as both a dating simulation and an online chatroom. Now entering beta testing, the game affords the chance for Hyung-Tae to meet In-Joo (Lee Na-Young), one of the game's many beta testers. She happens to work at an aquarium in the same building as Hyung-Tae lives and sleeps (as a game designer, he never leaves the office), and quickly interests him with her mildly off-kilter behavior and independent attitude.

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I cannot see a screen for this movie or any of the movies and dramas on your site. Can you tell me why please?

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