Venus And Mars : Korean Movie : English Subtitle

Venus And Mars  Korean Movie


Kim Tae HeeSol Kyung-gu


Hot-blooded glass artist Jin-a (Kim Tae-hee) and faint-hearted, cleanliness-obsessed entomologist Sang-min (Seol Kyeong-gu) have absolutely nothing in common. But opposites attract, and the two tie the knot after a string of ultra dramatic break-ups and make-ups. The two end up splitting, however, when a bug-in-the-glass-jar incident demonstrates their irreconcilable differences.

But just when they think they've been liberated from the past, repressed emotions -- and high kicks _ take full pendulum swing over nothing. Sang-min had split every single item in half, including his cherished clock after their divorce. On a mission to recover the missing pendulum from Jin-a, he inadvertently triggers his hot-tempered ex-wife, who gives him an ultimatum.

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