See you after school : Korean Movie : English Subtitle




See you after school movie is a story about Goong-dahl, a typical loser billed as the "unluckiest man alive" returned to the school after one year's intense training of reject student's treatments. Now he is up to the challenge of posing him self other than a typical loser. With the leads from his another old fellow mate he started with a new face by threatening and rescuing hot girl "Min-ah" from several oldies in the school. Everything went smoothly up to the plan until one of the bully is happened to be the schools notorious thug "Jae-koo" thus receiving invitation to a grand duel on the roof top after the school.
After the light of adventure shading with the price of upcoming fierce grand duel Goong-dahl along with his ally seeks alternatives to avoid the grand duel. But adding more woods to the fire all the plans back fired and cemented his legend thanks to bolstering myths spread by famous mouth flickers in the school.
Mean while unknown to "Goong-dahl" group of thugs from out side also trying to hunt him mistakenly believing he is the their arch enemy Jae-koo. Nevertheless during the intermission Goong-dahl fallen in love with Min-ah and became the resurrection dragon of loser student's union in the school.
But after all the hard work done, he is survived by only two options before the duel. Either become a predator of fellow losers or the protector of fellow losers. What will be his ultimatum? Is once a loser forever a loser?

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