Face : Korean Movie : English Subtitle


Face  Korean Movie


Song Yoon-ahShin Hyun-junKim Sung-wook


Hyun-min (Shin Hyun-jun) works for the police, reconstructing faces by examining and interpreting their skulls. His daughter undergoes a heart transplant,
and as her condition deteriorates, he loses his interest in his job. Hyun-min suspects that his daughters illness after the operation is caused by the heart,
although her doctor, Dr.Yoon, tell him that his daughter is experiencing only minor complications. Distraught, Hyun-min quits his job to care for his daughter full time.
Meanwhile, the police are dealing with a series of bizarre murder cases, where the victim has had all their flesh dissolved away with acid, leaving only the bones behind.
Sun-young (Song Yoon-ah) brings the skull of the fourth victim to Hyun-min, hoping that he'll be able to reconstruct the face. With the skull in their house, his daughter begins to experience visions of a distraught woman in a white robe. Hyun-min reconstructs the face of the victim, and it soon transpires that they all suffered from a (fictitious) affliction known as 'beta-allergy'. Tests reveal that Hyun-min's daughter has the condition, meaning that she has received the heart of someone who did. Romance blossoms between Hyun-min and Sun-young, and as they investigate, they uncover an organ transplant conspiracy - the murder victims were killed for their body parts,and it becomes apparent that Dr.Yoon knows more than he's letting on...

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