A Better Tomorrow 3 : Hong Kong Movie : English Subtitle

A Better Tomorrow 3  Hong Kong Movie


Chow Yun FatTony Leung Ka-faiAnita MuiShih KienMaggie Cheung Ho-yee


Mark heads to Saigon 1974 and hooks up with his cousin Mun (Tony Leung Ka-Fai). Together, he and Tony run into tough-as-nails gangster Anita Mui, who takes a shine to the two boys. She teaches Mark his gun moves and begins to fall for him, and he notices it but knowing full well his cousin also likes her, decides not to reciprocate her feelings so as not to break his cousin's heart. Meanwhile, Mun gets the idea that Anita fancies him. This love triangle creates most of the drama for a good two-thirds of the film before the darkness of their world crashes in on them. It seems Anita’s last lover was a gang boss, so he does not take kindly to the idea of Mark romancing his former flame. Even worse, the VC are taking Saigon, so it is not the best time to be hanging around Vietnam.

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