World of Silence : Korean Movie : English Subtitle

World of Silence   Movie


Kim Sang-kyeongPark Yong-wooHan Bo-baeHan Soo-yeonJeong Gyoo-sooLee Jong-soo


Detective Kim (Park Yong-woo) is a relaxed and lazy cop, who approaches things his way and always in a calm manner. His cynicism doesn't go well with his colleagues, but that's nothing he is concerned about. A series of murders on little girls who are all from the same orphanage, is his sole focus of interest. A suspect is soon found: photographer Ryoo Jeong-ho (Kim Sang-kyung). Kim already met Ryoo on several occasions and even though the photographer prevented two crimes from happening, something just seems to be odd about him...
Jeong-ho, who has to struggle with his past, has to take care of little Soo-yeon (Han Bo-bae) for his uncle. Kim finds out, that Soo-yeon grew up in the same orphanage as all the other victims, and so he keeps a close eye on her. However, soon he discovers that the photographer can't be the culprit. Moreover, Detective Kim finds out that Jeong-ho seems to be able to see things others miss. The former "enemies" work together to protect little Soo-yeon, with whom Jeong-ho meanwhile shares a close father-daughter relationship, despite his initial emotionlessness towards her. But can the them of Kim and Ryoo catch the killer before he strikes again?
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