My Tutor Friend : Korean Movie : English Subtitle

My Tutor Friend  Korean Movie, English Subtitle


Kwon Sang-wooKim Ha-Neul


This movie is about the lives of Kim Ji-Hoon (Kwon Sang-Woo) and Choi Su-Wan (Kim Ha-Neul), both 21 years old. Su-Wan is in her second year at university while Ji-Hoon is still in the process of repeating his third year of high school. Su-Wan’s mother works in their family business, selling fried chicken. To help out, Su-Wan earns money by tutoring other children, but often gets fired after hitting the students. Her mother has a rich friend with a son in need of a tutor. The friend, Kim Ji-Hoon’s mother, wants a tutor that will make her son study so that he can pass his exams. This salary is able to pay for an entire semester (half of a school year) of Su-Wan’s college education. Ji-Hoon is always able to attract the girls and draw attention through his love of fighting. He fought at his new high school, Surim High School and managed to offend Jong-Seo Lee, the leader of the triad group at Surim. He was able to attract his girlfriend, Ho-Gyung Yan, through his fighting. He had problems with everyone. Including the entire gang at his high school, he beat up a member of another gang after they took things from his little brother. Besides studying, Ji-Hoon is actually fairly well rounded. As a child, Ji-Hoon was sent to America to study abroad. Due to this decision of his parents, the relationship between Ji-Hoon and his parents is strained. Ji-Hoon’s Father, Kim Bong-Man is threatening to send him back to the USA if he continues to get into trouble with fighting and bad grades. To avoid being sent back to America, Ji-Hoon needs to get at least a 50% on the upcoming mid-term exams. The only problem is that his usual average mark was much lower than that. Will he make it?

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