Reversal of Fortune : Korean Movie : English Subtitle

Reversal of Fortune  Korean Movie, English Subtitle

Release date(s): June 13, 2003
Running time: 110 min


Kim Seung-woo Ha Ji-won Kang Seong-jin Lee Moon-sik


Having turned his back on a promising career as a professional golfer, Kang Seung-wan is now a down on his luck stock exchange worker, and in debt to local gangster Ma Kang-sung. After crashing his car while driving through a tunnel, Seung-wan wakes up to find himself in a alternate reality where he fulfilled his sporting ambitions, and is now a famous golf champion. But things aren't as perfect as they first seem; he now has a wife who wants a divorce, and must compete in a major golf tournament despite not having played for over ten years.

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