One Spring Day : Korean Movie : English Subtitle

One Spring Day  Korean Movie, English Subtitle


Lee Young Ae Yoo Ji-tae Park In-hwan


One Fine Spring Day opens with Lee Sang-woo, played by the always amazing Yoo Ji-tae, rushing after his grandmother who wants to wait for her deceased husband at the train station. When not chasing down his grandmother. Sang-woo lives a quiet life with his father and aunt who also look after the grandmother in their family home. To earn a living, Sang-woo works as a recording engineer. Quiet and slightly withdrawn, Sang-woo seems to excel at his work, especially when recording the sounds of nature such as the wind and the sea. However, it is the outset of one of these nature excursions that suddenly turns Sang-woo's quiet world upside down.

Late for his meeting because his map blew out his vehicle's window, Sang-woo meets the slumbering radio announcer and producer Han Eun-su at the train station. After a day filming the sound of the wind in a bamboo forest, some sparks seem to ignite between Sang-woo and Han Eun-su and, after their second meeting or so, Eun-su invites Sang-woo to stay at her place for ramen and to spend the night. Sang-woo quickly falls deeply in love with Eun-su and she is quick to reciprocate his affections. Sang-woo continues to work for Eun-su as her recording engineer, but as the show wraps down to an end and the seasons become warmer, Eun-su appears to be having waning interest in Sang-woo. Unfortunately for Sang-woo, his love for Eun-su continues to grow each day.

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