Ditto : Korean Movie : English Subtitle

Ditto  Korean Drama, English Subtitle


Kim Ha-neulPark Yong-woo


The film begins with Yoon So-eun (Kim Ha-neul), a student at Shiji University eagerly awaiting a certain student Dong-hee (Park Yong-woo) returning to school after serving in the army. She meets him outside the amateur radio club room, where she tells him HAM radio is her hobby, and he thanks her for all the letters she wrote him during the war. Visiting her friend Sunmi-Hur who is recuperating from a broken leg in the hospital, So-eun tells her she is in love with Dong-hee.

At home, one night, she is awakened by a call on her radio, from another radio enthusiast, Ji In(Yoo Ji-tae). They discover that they attend the same university and plan to meet in front of the school clock tower, where Ji In offers to lend So-eun a book for amateur HAM radio operators. At the set time, both wait for the other, So-eun in front of an unfinished clock tower in the heat and dust, and Ji In in front of a completed one, in heavy rain. Later at night, they argue about the why the other person did not show up, and about the weather, and Ji In is suddenly shocked to discover he is speaking over a radio with a disconnected power plug. Further, Ji In, a sophomore at Shiji University in 2000, is then jolted with the information which So-eun reveals: she is a senior in 1979. He begins to doubt So-eun's words, but is slowly convinced despite the improbability of what is happening to him.

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