A Dirty Carnival : Korean Movie : English Subtitle

A Dirty Carnival  Korean Movie, English Subtitle


Jo In-seongCheon Ho-jinNan-gung MinJin GooLee Bo-young


A Dirty Carnival is the story of Byung-du, a small-time gangster in his late 20s. To save his family from eviction, Byung-du accepts a job to murder the public attorney Park and his previous boss, who are standing in the way of his superior, President Hwang. This grants him fame and money. On the other hand, fascinated by the violent life of Byung-Du, one of his high-school friends, Min-Ho, now a movie director, decides to interview him and adapt Byung-du's real-life story to improve his script for a film about gangsters. Meanwhile, old flame Hyun-Joo reappears and brings with her the hope of a happier life.

As it turns out, Min-Ho's new film uses exactly the same methods Byung-du used to kill Park and his previous boss. The movie becomes the talk of the town. When Byung-du realizes that this could reveal everything, he confronts Min-Ho. The conflict between them grows to the point where Byung-du decides to kill Min-Ho and leave the country immediately after; however, it turns out it was all part of the plan devised by his fellow gangsters to murder Byung-du. All of his prior criminal associates betray him and participate in his killing. The movie ends with the repeated scene at the movie site when Byung-du comes to visit Min-Ho and asks him to make a real gangster movie showing the friendship and tears gangsters share.
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