The Chaser : Korean Movie : English Subtitle

The Chaser  Korean Movie, English Subtitle


Kim Yun-seokHa Jung-wooSeo Yeong-hee


Eom Joong-ho is a former police officer turned pimp, and several of his girls have gone missing. One night he gets a call from a customer and sends Mi-jin, one of his few remaining girls. Later he realises that the same customer was the last to see the missing girls, and believing that Mi-jin might be in danger, he goes to look for her. While searching for her, he dents another car in an alley, and when he sees blood splattered on the unharmed driver's shirt, he senses that the man, Jae Yeong-min, is the suspect. Yeong-min tries to run away but Joong-ho catches him, and both men are taken to the police station.

At the police station, Yeong-min confesses to the murder of the women, and says his last victim, Mi-jin, could still be alive. But despite his confession, the police have no evidence to imprison him and cannot detain him for more than 12 hours. As the police search for the bodies of his victims, Joong-ho is the only one who believes that Mi-jin is still alive, and must find her before the killer is released.

The movie was inspired by a real-life serial killer in Korea, Yoo Young-chul.

The Chaser was released in South Korea on 14 February 2008. On its opening weekend it grossed $3,914,847 and was ranked second at the box office. It then topped the box office for three consecutive weekends, and as of 1 June had grossed a total of $35,760,133. The Chaser received a total of 5,120,630 admissions nationwide, which as of September 2008 makes it the year's second most popular film in South Korea, after The Good, the Bad, the Weird.

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