Under the hawthorn tree (山楂树之恋): Chinese Movie : English Subtitle

Under the hawthorn tree Chinese Movie, English Subtitle


Zhou Dongyu
Shawn Dou
Xi Meijuan
Jiang Ruijia
Li Xuejian


Set during the Cultural Revolution in the early '70s, story begins as sparrow-like teacher-in-training Jing (Zhou) journeys to Xiping, a village in Hubei province, as part of her re-education process. En route, Jing is shown an iconic Hawthorn tree that, according to local legend, blooms with red flowers, since it grew in soil enriched by the blood of Chinese soldiers fighting Japanese invaders.

During her stay in the village, Jing falls for the rustic charms of handsome geology student Sun (Dou). Though entranced by Sun's passionate overtures, the chaste teenager is caught between romantic impulse and the discretion the turbulent times require.

Amid omnipresent images of Chairman Mao, the era's paranoia is personified by Jing's mother (Xi Meijuan), who, having already lost her husband (a political priosner), is vigilant about controlling her immature daughter and her habit of drawing attention to herself. When Jing returns home and her mother finds out about the blossoming romance, she insists they separate until Jing completes her teacher training at age 25. Jing is initially compliant, but the strain of separation begins to show as she learns of a disturbing rumor...

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