Summer Scent : Korean Drama : English Subtitle


Summer Scent  Korean Drama, English Subtitle


  • Song Seung Hun as Yoo Min-woo
  • Son Ye Jin as Shim Hye-won
  • Ryu Jin as Park Jung-jae
  • Han Ji-hye as Park Jung-ah
  • Shin Ae as Eun-hye


Shim Hye Won and Yoo Min Woo were brought together by fate.

Shim Hye Won (Son Ye Jin) has suffered from a terrible heart disease ever since childhood. She was able to obtain a heart transplant from a donor, Soh Eun Hye.

Soh Eun Hye was Yoo Min Woo's (Song Seung Heon) first love, who died in an car accident.

Shim Hye Won noticed that her heart beats faster Whenever Soh Eun Hye is around. She thought she was attracted to Yoo Min Woo. Then she learned that the heart she got from the transplantation was from Yoo Min Woo's former girlfriend. Is she in love with Yoo Min Woo or the heart resides her ....

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