Spring Waltz : Korean Drama : English Subtitle

Spring Waltz Korean Drama, English Subtitle


Seo Do-young as Lee Su-ho/Yoon Jae-ha
Han Hyo Joo as Seo/Park Eun-young
as Seo/Park Eun-young
Lee So Yeon as Song Lee-na


A story of genuine love and childhood memories. Love is compared to the way spring blossoms into their lives, bringing a sense of hope. Love is also depicted as gently embracing the protagonists' lonely hearts, which are chillingly numb in the midst of a long and harsh "winter".

To escape debt, Lee Su Ho’s father went to a remote island where his friend has a young daughter Eun Young, who is the same age as Su Ho. After being abandoned by his father, Su Ho sought to leave, but his mind changed after being touched by Eun Young’s pure heart. A series of unfortunate events ensue, and Su Ho disappears, while Eun Young is sick in the hospital.

Years later, while traveling in Austria, Eun Young meets the talented pianist Jae Ha, a man with a cold exterior with a few words, who bores a resemblance to Su Ho. As their love start to develop, the truth unfolds… Can their love endure the harsh spring tragedy many years ago?

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