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 Korean Drama, English Subtitle


Ananda Everingham Natthaweeranuch Thongmee Achita Sikamana


Tun, and his girlfriend Jane are heading home after a night of drinking with Tun's buddies when they hit a young woman walking in the road. Jane wants to get out to check on her but Tun urges her to drive away. In the days following the accident, Jane is wracked with guilt, wondering what happened to the woman while Tun's only worry is the neck pain he's experiencing from the accident. Tun is a photographer and he starts to notice strange images appearing in his pictures. Wisps of glare distort the images and what appears to be a shadowy figure is seen.

Jane finally convinces Tun to re-visit the accident site but no trace of the girl is found and no hospitals report any accident victims from that night. They visit the publisher of a ghost magazine and he shows them dozens of photos with spiritual images in them...some fakes, yet others unexplained. The tensions mount as Jane learns about Tun's connection to the girl they hit on the road, a shy, former lover who he dated in college. The film builds masterfully towards an unsettling and utterly terrifying climax, the likes of which I've not experienced before. This is a ghost story in the true gothic tradition. A mournful, baleful spirit who elicits both fear and pity.

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