Save Your Last Dance For Me : Korean Drama : English Subtitle

Save Your Last Dance For Me Korean Drama, English Subtitle


Kim Yoo-Jin as Ji Eun-Soo
Ji Sung as Kang Hyun-Woo
Ryu Soo-Young as Jung Tae-Min
Lee Bo-Young as Yoon Soo-Jin


Eun-Soo, the female protagonist, runs a sort of bed and breakfast with her father in a rural village. While driving home from the hospital, they happen upon a man who's been stabbed and takes him to the hospital. He's lost his memory, and with no one to care for him, Eun-Soo and her dad take him home with them. Naming him Jan-Ho, they have him help out around the B&B and Eun-Soo and Jan-Ho eventually fall in love.

Jan-Ho's past catches up with him when someone from his former life sees him at the B&B and arranges for him to get kidnapped and killed. Jan-Ho escapes, but in the process gets hit by a car and loses his memory of the time he spent with Soo-Jin. Thinking that he's abandoned her, Eun-Soo decides to get on with her life and moves to the city. While at her friend's workplace, she spots a man who looks like Jan-Ho. Turns out Jan-Ho's real name is Hyun Woo, and he's the son of the man who heads the big conglomerate in which her friend works! Will Jan-Ho remember Eun-Soo?

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