A Million : Korean Movie : English Subtitle

A Million  Korean Drama, English Subtitle


Park Hae-il, Park Hee-soon, Sin Min-ah, Lee Min-ki, Jeong Yu-mi, Lee Cheon-hee.


Eight people of different backgrounds - a documentary director (Park Hae Il), a professional part-timer (Shin Min Ah), a hot-tempered former marine (Lee Min Ki), a quiet law student (Jung Yoo Mi), a financial analyst (Lee Chon Hee), a competitive swimmer (Yoo Na Mi), a bar hostess (Ko Eun Ah), and an unemployed layabout (Kim Hak Seon) - have been selected to participate in a survival reality program in the Australian Outback. The prize: one million dollars. Winner takes all - that is if anyone lives to see Day 7. There's no turning back as the contestants are pushed to the limits, and turned against each other under the manipulation of the game's designer. How far will they go for one million dollars?

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