Delightful Girl Choon Hyang : Korean Drama : English Subtitle


Delightful Girl Choon Hyang Korean Drama, English Subtitle


Sung Chun-Hyang- Han Chae Young
Lee Mong-ryong - Jae Hee
Byeon Hak-do - Uhm Tae-Woong
Hong Chae-rin - Park Si-Eun


My Sassy Girl Sassy Girl is a 21st Century version of a famous Korean household classic Choon Hyang . It s about a maiden name Choon Hyang, who, under the strict influence of feudal Confusions, regards her first love as the one and only one. To Choon-hyang, love is sacred, eternal, long lasting and no wavering or deterring under any circumstance and for any reason. The modern day Choon hyang by PBS TV is a self-supported young school girl, pretty and charming, she is her high school s home coming queen. Her peaceful and promising life begins to take a turbulent turn starting with a drunken Lee Mong-ryong, her school mate, mistakenly stumbled into her bed while she s in the dorm nursing an illness. The two lying together in their sleep were watched by the visiting father of Mong-ryong and the visiting mother of Choon-hyang and worst, by all of their school mates. The news spread quickly and shockingly throughout the school. In order to protect their stature and stature of their parents and the school, they are obliged to play the role of an engaged couple. Consequently, Choon-hyang must move in to Mong-ryong s house pretending as a bride to be. Once they are living under the same roof, Choon-hyang was touched by Mong-ryong s honesty, candor and sweet personality. Unknowingly and naturally they are falling in love. Under Choon-hyang s care and cultivating, Mong-ryong, up to now a good for nothing, trouble making kid, surprises even his father by fulfilling tough requirements and successfully enrolled in the prestigious Seoul University.

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