The Classic : Korean Movie : English Subtitle

The Classic  Korean Movie, English Subtitle


Son Ye-jin as Ji-Hae and Joo-Hee (Mother of Ji-Hae)
Jo Seung-woo as Joon-Ha
Jo In-sung as Sang-Min
Lee Ki-woo as Tae-Su (Friend of Joon-Ha)


Son Ye-jin gives a tender and beautiful performance in a dual role as two love stories are played out over time, intertwined and connected in ways which only become clear in the final heartbreaking moments. Jo Seung-woo as Joon-Ha, and Lee Ki-woo as his friend, Tae-Su, make a considerable contribution to the story of Joo-hee (Son Ye-jin), told in flashback. Son Ye-jin also portrays the daughter of Joo-Hee, Ji-Hae, during the present day. Jo Ing-sung as Sang-Min, and Lee Soo-in as her possessive friend, Su-Kyeong, round out the modern day triangle as letters and diaries of her mother help her understand the presents.

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