Cinderella Man : Korean Drama : English Subtitle

Cinderella Man Korean Drama, English Subtitle


Kwon Sang Woo
Song Chang eui


A chaging-life story of a third-rater, a mendicant how he changes his life. Same old song, same old day, a bored tomorrow as it is today. Dae-san Oh wishes a lotto in his life, but loses his dream in the same old everyday life. He carries gaudy clothes for club girls in Dongdaemun. That's his everyday job. A moment of bewilderment, he gets a part time job to play a role of a son from the plutocracy family... There's not much to life. It's all about getting that one lucky break! Dae-san sells his own clothing designs at a small shop in Dongdaemun Market and all he thinks about is getting rich. One day, he crosses path with Joon-hee and finds that they share an uncanny resemblance to each other. Joon-hee, who is also the heir of a fashion empire, asks Dae-san if he could pose as him for a month. While secretly posing as Joon-hee, Dae-san uses his savvy business skills to outmaneuver Lee Jae-min and also finds true love. But then his cover is blown...

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