My Fair Lady : Episode 17

Korean Drama
Episodes: 16
Also known as: Yojo Lady or The Perfect Girl

Min Kyung,  a fresh high school graduate, was known for being materialistic.Min Kyung fell in love with Young Ho on one blind date.Young Ho is the son of a poor family that made a living selling rice cakes, and worked to pay off debts left behind by his late stepfather.

A jealous Dongku wanted to lay his hands on Young Ho upon learning that Young Ho wanted to be employed in his father's company (who was working as a boss with another partner).

Young Ho's father observed Young Ho diligence and decided to give Young Ho a chance to prove his worth in comparison with Dongku. As a rival of Young Ho, Dongku feared that his capability was inferior to that of Young Ho's.  To discredit Young Ho as best he could, he used unfair methods through forgery involving bank accounts, as a cover-up to deceive Young Ho's father.

Dongku used this opportunity to gain advantage over Young Ho in the competition to become the heir, with his father's help. Young Ho, on the other hand, was having a hard time struggling to compete against Dongku and his acts of sabotage.

However, Young Ho, who was working hard to put in his final efforts of the competition, felt hopeless as he foresaw the fact that Dongku's father would declare Dongku as heir. Young Ho's father, on the other hand, waited in his car for the opportunity to expose Dongku's father's atrocities. Later, Young Ho was declared to be the heir of the company and both Dongku and his father announced their resignations.

Young Ho instead wished to fulfill his long-time dream of becoming an astronomer and announced his intention of resigning as boss in order to become a full-time astronomer, after working for a few months. With the consent of his father, Young Ho took up astronomy at a space observation centre in Australia. He later married Min Kyung, and was seen swearing their wedding vows in front of a Christian priest.

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